Famous view is the cherry on an already beautiful cake for investors

The Star and Garter


Vinesha and Michele Flaminio, who live in Wandsworth, purchased a stunning apartment at The Star and Garter, created by London Square.

Why did you choose to buy there?

We were looking for a home and an investment opportunity, and looked at several properties. We heard about the refurbishment of Star and Garter through the new homes team at Knight Frank. When we turned up for the launch we just knew that it was going to be an amazing development. We loved that the building had character and had such an important role to play in history. Already prior to its refurbishment we could see that it was going to be developed into something stunning. Other properties we had seen were lovely and had their merits, but the Star and Garter stood head and shoulders above the rest. It is truly unique. Once we met the London Square and Knight Frank team, who were both very personable and professional, we were convinced we were onto something good, and had no reservations investing in it. We are thrilled that we can be a part of this exceptional, historical development.

What was the most important element which attracted you?

We have walked past the Star and Garter many times on our way to Richmond park and have always thought it was a beautiful building. We love older properties that have character. Ultimately though, it was the incredible ‘Turner’ view that sealed it for us. We just could not take our eyes away when we visited the marketing suite. We also felt that the refurbishment of the building was being conducted very sensibly. It very much compliments the flavour of the building.

Were you impressed by the interior design and level of specification?

Very much so. We really think that whilst designing the interior, the London Square team have had great vision and an incredible eye for detail. The modern high specification standard of the interior is a really beautiful contrast to the older, imposing building that surrounds it. We feel that both complement each other.

Was the setting and its protected status an important factor?

Absolutely. We could not imagine the Star and Garter without the view that presents itself. The famous view really is the cherry on an already beautiful cake. These two components make it a stunning combination. Knowing that it will always be protected was a driving force behind our decision to purchase in the development. We have been on picnics and walks in Petersham Common several times and have always admired the view. To be able to, should we wish to do so, see it every day was an opportunity we could not let pass by, and was something we could only dream about. We feel very lucky to be a part of this wonderful development.

Did the historic angle interest you?

Although familiar with its history being a nursing home for war veterans after the First and Second World War we did not know about all of the rich history behind this building. Finding out about it all warmed us to the building more and more. Once complete it will be lovely to know that we will be walking through the same corridors as those brave men and women.

Did The Star and Garter’s artistic heritage and connections with Turner and other famous painters and writers appeal to you?

We love art and literature. To still be able to see the view that inspired and was immortalised by such great artists over the centuries is truly amazing. It is in every sense of the word “a sight to behold”! One of the great gifts of art is to uplift the senses and living in the Star and Garter, and being able to behold this landscape every day will be invigorating to say the least.

Is Richmond a favourite location?

Looking at London, Richmond is most certainly one of its jewels in the crown. The proximity to the river, combined with its village feel and green spaces make it stand out. We love Richmond.

What are your plans for the property?

It was our plan to sell our apartment once complete. However, over the various visits we have paid to the Star and Garter since our purchase, we now feel that we ought to hold on to it for as long as we can. Rather than to live there we might now rent the property for a few years with the aim that the yield generated by the rent will contribute towards the arts related charity we are currently setting up.

What is your view on its investment potential?

We could not have invested in a better property, we think that anyone buying into it cannot go wrong due to its historic angle and the protected view (the only protected view in the country!). We can just not imagine the property depreciating.

Do you plan to hold the property for the long-term?

Initially we wanted an investment with a quick return which the Star and Garter has certainly proven to be. We were hoping to increase the cash flow for our art related charity that we are in the process of setting up. However, over time we have realised that the Star and Garter is something so unique and special, and so much more than an investment, that we prefer to hold onto it for as long as possible. What we love is that the building was owned by The Royal Star and Garter Homes and is a registered charity. This makes what we are trying to achieve with our charity all the more special.

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