London Square funds the building of a water well in Manicaland


London Square has funded the building of a water well in Manicaland, a province in the northeastern highlands of Zimbabwe.

The well, known as an elephant pump, based on an ancient Chinese rope pulley system, provides a source of clean drinking water to local communities. The well is part of an initiative by the charity AquAid and was funded by London Square purchasing water coolers across its offices and sites. With each installation by AquAid, a donation was made and used to fund the well, which will provide safe drinking water for decades.

AquAid works with the charity, The Africa Trust. The elephant pumps are built by an experienced team leader from The Africa Trust, with the assistance of the local community, using locally available materials. This allows the community to repair and maintain the pump in the future.

To date, AquAid has built over 5,000 Elephant Pumps across parts of Zimbabwe, Malawi and Liberia, and has donated in excess of £13 million to charity.