What a difference two years make

When I went up on stage to collect Newcomer of the Year at the RESI Awards, the past two years flashed before me.

In just 24 months, London Square has progressed from a deal agreed on the back of a napkin to raise £100 million of capital to a dynamic company with nine sites, a development pipeline worth £335 million, delivering over 600 homes.

What a difference two years make. A lot of people told me I must have been mad launching a new company at the height of the longest recession since the 1930s. At times, I thought they may be right. Fortunately, the people around me have never doubted my sanity. The driving force behind London Square’s “overnight” success is the brilliant team who have joined me at London Square and are now working to make a vision reality.

The Newcomer of the Year award is for the best bunch of people in the business. They have taken a leap of faith joining a new company at the height of the recession.  And they have shown such an amazing level of commitment.

We have just launched our second site in Wimbledon Village, following our success at Shoreditch.  The team at London Square must have launched hundreds of sites over the years but none of them seem quite as special as a London Square Development.

We may be Newcomer of the Year but we are no longer the new kid on the block – come and take a look at London Square.